Welcome to the (Legal) Jungle

Picture yourself standing at the edge of the Amazon, preparing to slowly inch and creep into the dark, heavy and suffocating jungle for the first time. There’s a crude map in your hand and all you know is that there’s a village off in the distance somewhere, and you desperately need to reach it. The journey’s going to be a long one, full of many unknowns, and you have some pretty major concerns about what might be ahead of you. Anxious, and with limited resources, supplies, and knowledge of the local landscape and language, you begin your march towards the jungle’s edge. Just as you’re about to enter the dark and misty tree-covered expanse, a small figure emerges from the from the thick brush. A guide!

Now you're faced with some very tough decisions. Do you venture on alone, hoping your map and supplies are enough? Do you pay the guide the small fee to help you make sure you have all the right tools and supplies for the adventure ahead before setting off alone? Or, do you hire the guide as a full-time companion to lead you the entire way to the distant village, not knowing how long it might take?

Our legal justice system can sometimes feel dark, dangerous and scary just like the Amazonian jungle. The lawyer’s job is to act as a guide to help you get through it all. Before embarking on an unknown journey we have one of our lawyers meet with you to get a better understanding of what you need and where your case is likely going to go. After your one hour consultation, most people will fall into one of three categories:

Scenario One:

In some instances your destination [resolution of your case], will be relatively close and clear of obstacles. If this is the case we’ll send you on your way with the knowledge that you can handle what lies ahead of you.

Scenario Two:

There will be some circumstances where the village is pretty far off, or where the resolution may have some unknowns. In a scenario like this, a lawyer can help you get on your way by helping to make sure you have all the required instruments you need for the hurdles that may stand in your way. We’ll help you prepare your kit [documents, forms etc] for the trek ahead. Unforeseen obstacles are always a possibility, but with the help we give you at the outset you’ll likely be able to reach the destination on your own. While having a full-time guide [lawyer] will always give you the best chance of success, this option can work for those who have a good knowledge of the legal system or who have limited resources. However, this option can only work provided the case isn’t overly complicated.

Scenario Three:

The destination you’re trying to reach is far off, and in an unknown or hard reach part of the jungle. The path you have ahead of you is full of unknowable complications, rough terrain and dangerous obstacles. In situations like these, your only real chance of success is to have someone with you the entire way. Hiring a lawyer is the best way for us to help protect you from the variety of things that might pop up. While this might seem like a more costly option, your chance of succeeding is so much higher with full-time professional help all along the way.

Like a perilous trek into Amazonia, entering the legal justice system without knowing the local terrain, language and climate can lead to a lot of anxiety and confusion for the unprepared. There’s always the possibility that something could change, leading to a case becoming either more or less complicated than first thought. Lengthy cases sometimes wrap up quickly for unforeseen reasons, while seemingly clear-cut cases can spiral into a mess with just one wrong step. The lawyer’s job, our job, is to make sure you know the risks and possible outcomes involved with entering into a legal action. We’re here to lead you through your journey, keeping you as safe and secure as possible all along the way.