The team at Lenehan Musgrave offers the following simplified legal services:

  • Consultations and advice
  • Initial preparation of court materials (drafting necessary court documents)
  • Confidential drafting assistance on affidavits and legal briefs
  • Sessions to help you prepare for an upcoming court appearance
  • Specific (limited) court appearances, including settlement conferences
  • Legal research and opinion letters

A lawyer can help you ensure that your court documents are properly prepared, and that your position is reasonable and your claims are well formulated, helping bring about a quicker and final resolution.  The lawyer will also be available to witness or notarize what documents you need to swear or affirm.

While comprehensive legal services are ideal, we know that the cost of full representation can be prohibitive for many people. Therefore, we are committed to helping you with whatever services we can, on a limited retainer basis.

The appropriateness and availability of simplified legal services needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, as the quality of representation remains the same as in a standard full retainer situation.  Please contact Lenehan Musgrave to see in what ways we can assist you in your legal matter.