You meet with one of the lawyers from the Lenehan Musgrave team for an initial consultation.  The lawyer you meet with will send you a follow up letter regarding the issues that were discussed, which may also include some preliminary legal advice. 

Retain the Firm

Should you choose to have Lenehan Musgrave represent you in your legal dispute, the firm will prepare a retainer letter for your review.  The retainer letter is a contract between you and Lenehan Musgrave LLP which outlines the services your lawyer will provide you and what amount will be required for an initial retainer. 

The retainer amount is based on your lawyer’s assessment of your case from the initial consultation, and the anticipated steps your lawyer will have to take on your behalf.  Once the retainer amount is provided, Lenehan Musgrave LLP will open a file for you, and your lawyer can begin working on your case.  

Information Gathering 

To move matters forward and provide you with the best legal advice, it is necessary to have full disclosure from both sides.  Full disclosure could include different financial and property documents or statements with respect to the children.  Your lawyer will let you know what information is required to resolve your matter, and help you in organizing and preparing all necessary documents.  


Based on your instructions, the firm will attempt to negotiate an out of court resolution.  Negotiation involves your lawyer working to achieve a settlement of any or all the issues in your case.  If both sides are able resolve any or all of the issues, your lawyer will prepare a written agreement to be signed by the parties. 

Court Action

Sometimes involving the Court is your best option and necessary to move the matter forward.  If that is the case, your lawyer will prepare an application to the Court on your behalf.  If your spouse has already filed an application, your lawyer will prepare your response.

Keep Negotiating 

Court applications are often necessary to move matters forward or motivate parties to meaningfully discuss settlement.  If the negotiation process is still productive, your lawyer will remain focused on achieving an out of court settlement up to, and in some cases including, the day of the Trial. 

The Court Process (litigation)

The court process, or “litigation” as lawyers call it, can be complex and will often involve various court conferences and court hearings. Your lawyer’s job is to navigate effectively and efficiently through the litigation process on your behalf, keeping you informed every step of the way and helping you make the best decisions for you and your family.  


In some circumstances going to Trial is your best option.  Whether your case is straightforward or complex and high conflict, the team of dedicated professionals at Lenehan Musgrave LLP are skilled, tough, and experienced advocates who are in your corner throughout.  Your lawyer will not only advocate fiercely on your behalf, but our team will also make sure that you are feeling fully prepared for the challenges and complexities of Trial.

Every Case is Different 

There are facts that are unique in each case and everyone has their own priorities.  Our job is to identify your options and work closely with you to develop the best strategies and legal solutions for your particular circumstances.

Clients may contact us in advance to find out what their rights and responsibilities are should they separate from their current spouse.  Clients may also contact us when their Trial is around the corner and they need counsel experienced enough to jump right in.  Wherever you are in the process, Lenehan Musgrave LLP offers honourable and intelligent legal service to help you navigate through any dispute with confidence and peace of mind.   

Contact Lenehan Musgrave LLP to set up an initial consultation with one of the lawyers on our family law team.