Application for Child Support (when parenting is not an issue)

$747.50 (HST INCLUDED)

We understand the frustration of waiting for an appointment with an Intake Worker at the Supreme Court (Family Division) to complete documentation to allow confirmation of child support being paid, or creation of an Order to enforce support and potential related expenses of child care.

Our offices offer a flat rate for which we will prepare all of the documentation required to file an Application to seek child support and daycare, or other related expenses, when primary care of the child is agreed upon by the parents.

If your child is living with you and you are seeking to move forward in the process to ensure that there is documentation in place for both the payment of support and to ensure that the benefits you are entitled to, through the Federal/Provincial Government, are obtained by you, this process will allow you to present that completed documentation to the Court and simply request a date for Hearing of the matter.

We offer you the ability to enter into the system with completed documentation, and the ability to present these materials (property completed) in Court on your own.


Application for Divorce by Agreement           

$1,047.50 (HST INCLUDED)

Often by the time parties have signed a Separation Agreement, they need a break before proceeding with the finalization of their divorce.  We understand. The lawyers of Lenehan Musgrave are pleased to offer the ability to finalize your uncontested divorce at a set price. 

The Application for Divorce by Agreement is a straightforward and cost effective way for couples to complete their divorce who have no issues with their Separation Agreement and no dependent children.

Our lawyers will meet with one of the parties, prepare the required documentation, arrange to have the materials filed with the Court and served on the other party as required by the Court.  Our set price fee reflects legal fees of $650.00, plus HST ($747.50) and disbursements, which are the court filing fees, certified copy of the marriage certificate and related costs of $300.00 for a total of $1,047.50.

*Please note that additional services are being developed and will be added soon.

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