Sean Layden, Q.C. Moves Successful Personal Injury Practice to Lenehan Musgrave LLP

Our team is pleased to announce that Sean Layden, Q.C. has relocated his successful personal injury practice to the offices of Lenehan Musgrave. Sean has been practicing law in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for 25 years, and is now head of the personal injury team at Lenehan Musgrave.

When representing plaintiffs, Sean recognizes the challenges people might face when attempting to negotiate with insurance companies, corporations and government institutions, and helps individuals from all walks of life level the playing field against these entities.  

“I love having a very diverse group of clients. I have below-poverty-line clients, the majority of my clients are middle class, and I have a handful of upper-middle class to rich clients. It keeps me grounded and it is a great way to make a living doing something where you sleep at night because you feel like you are making a difference and you feel like you are living up to the Weldon tradition.” Sean believes word-of-mouth and doing an excellent job for a client are the best forms of marketing as a lawyer. “Providing good service pays its own dividends and on the flip side of that is that bad word-of-mouth can kill you. You start taking short cuts, botching cases, not returning phone calls, in a small navy town – that gets around.”

Sean’s work as a personal injury lawyer is done on contingency, which means Sean does not get paid until the claim settles, thereby providing the injured person with true and affordable access to justice. 

To learn more about Sean, please view his bio in the Our Team section of our website.