The ABC's of Section B

 Section B Benefits

The benefits available through Section B of an individual’s automobile insurance policy are also referred to as no-fault benefits. This is because these benefits are available to the driver of the vehicle as well as any passenger injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident, regardless of who caused the collision. If you are a pedestrian or on a bike at the time of the accident, you are able to access Section B benefits from the insurance company of the car which hit you.

There are five categories of Section B benefits:

1)      Medical and rehabilitation expenses;

2)      Weekly indemnity payments;

3)      Funeral expenses;

4)      Death benefits;

5)      Principal unpaid housekeeper benefits;

We briefly describe the most common two benefits below.

Medical and Rehabilitation Expenses  

These benefits include all reasonable medical treatment and rehabilitation expenses within four years of the accident date up to a maximum of $50,000 per person.

Treatments covered include physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, dental services, surgical services, and psychological counselling among many other. Some expenses covered include the costs for prescription and non-prescription medications, and mileage for travel to and from treatment. . If your family physician determines a treatment to be necessary for your recovery, you are entitled to coverage under Section B.

If you have private medical insurance, you have to use the benefits available under that plan prior to accessing your Section B medical and rehabilitation benefits.

Weekly Indemnity Payments

There are also benefits for income replacement if you are unable to perform the essential duties of your occupation because of the accident. You are eligible to receive weekly indemnity payments, which total up to 80% of your net income loss or $250 per week, whichever amount is less.

To qualify for Weekly Indemnity payments, you must have written documentation from your doctor placing you off work as a result of your accident injuries.  Your doctor must have placed you off of work for at least seven days within the first 30 days after the accident.

There are no weekly indemnity payments in excess of 104 weeks (two years) unless you can establish that you cannot work in any occupation or employment you are reasonably suited to perform by education, training or experience.

If you are eligible for Employment Insurance benefits you are required to apply for those benefits before accessing your Section B weekly indemnity payments.

If you have questions regarding your section B benefits, or any other issues relating to a motor vehicle collision, please call one of our personal injury lawyers for a free no risk case assessment.