Lenehan Musgrave Now Offers Limited Legal Services

Lenehan Musgrave is now offering limited legal services in addition to our traditional full service. Our team at Lenehan Musgrave has been working hard to create opportunities for all clients to access family law services with prices and options that best suit their needs.

 We are pleased to offer the first of a number of services we are developing, that will be offered for a set price, inclusive of fees, disbursements and HST.

Our first set price service is an Application for Child Support, when parenting is not an issue for the all-inclusive price of $747.50.

 We understand that parents are often capable of starting the Application for Child Support on their own, but want to ensure that their documentation is completed properly, and wish to avoid the long wait for appointments with an intake worker at the Supreme Court (Family Division).

In addition, we recognize that some clients also want to be able to do specific tasks on their own, and may require assistance from lawyers on a limited basis only. At Lenehan Musgrave we are pleased to offer limited retainer services that are tailored to you.

In tailoring a retainer to you, we discuss your needs, what services you require to ensure your needs in the process are met, and we then arrive at a fee for those services. This allows the client to determine exactly the services they need and the level of involvement they want from their lawyer, while ensuring the same quality of representation as hiring a lawyer to deal with all matters.

Should you have any questions in regards to our services, please contact us at 902-466-2200 or reception@lenehanmusgravelaw.ca to see what ways we can assist you in determining what services best suit to your needs.